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Empower Lab

At Empower Fertility, we are dedicated to improving the accuracy of reproductive healthcare to maximize the likelihood of healthy live births. Every technology we embrace and every innovation at Empower Labs is driven by this commitment to your journey to parenthood.

Experienced Team. Our highly trained and experienced embryology team consistently delivers exceptional results, ensuring our patients receive the best care possible.

Our Numbers. Our implantation rate is above the national average.

Modern Technology. Our IVF center is the only one in Santa Barbara County that utilizes IVFCRYO-One, a highly efficient freezer unit. It is an auto-fill unit that monitors, tracks, and stores your reproductive tissue. It comes with an alert notification monitoring system. The unit communicates with any out-of-range circumstances by sending text messages to the embryology team, ensuring that your reproductive tissue is always safe.

Comprehensive Monitoring. Our IVF Lab and Cryo Room are monitored 24/7 using the Safepoint Alert Monitoring System. It is a comprehensive wireless system that continuously monitors the lab equipment and cryo tanks; it logs all data for record-keeping, analysis, and compliance. The system communicates with the embryology team via text, email, and phone if the sensors are activated.

Testing. Our IVF Lab participates in a proficiency testing program by AAB.

Our IVF Clinic uses Matcher, a barcode-based electronic witnessing and traceability system, to help prevent the misidentification of patients and their gametes and embryos. This includes ID security with biometric checks, labeling for both cryo and non-cryo, workflow scheduling, electronic witnessing, including a solution for PGT, lot tracking, cryo management, and full reporting/audit functions.