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Deepa Sekhar

Deepa holds a master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Helsinki, Finland,showcasing her commitment to academic excellence. With a strong background in research,Deepa dedicated a significant portion of her career to scientific exploration in India, where she contributed valuable insights to the field of infertility. Her passion for unraveling the complexities of reproductive biology led her to specialize in reproductive sciences, a journey that spans over five years.

Deepa stands as a prolific author in the realm of research, having authored numerous articles in esteemed peer-reviewed journals. Her dedicated research endeavors have not only showcased her academic prowess but have also significantly contributed to the scientific understanding of infertility.

Beyond her professional achievements, Deepa is an active and engaged member of the Indian Community in Santa Barbara. Her commitment to community involvement extends to her love for dance, a passion that adds vibrancy to her life outside the laboratory. Deepa’s multifaceted approach to both her professional and personal pursuits reflect her dedication to making meaningful contributions to both science and the community.

MSc Biotechnology
Reproductive Laboratory Scientist