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Lizeth Barrientos

With years of experience in reproductive science, Lizeth is a skilled senior embryologist with a passion for her work. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Pharmacobiology from the University of Guadalajara and a Master’s degree from the Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM), she embarked on a journey that has impacted the lives of numerous families.

In 2009, Lizeth commenced her career as the Lab Director for Embryology, Andrology, and Endocrinology Labs at New Hope Fertility Center Guadalajara-Mexico. It was at New Hope Fertility Center in New York where she learned all the techniques for assisted reproduction, delving into every facet from laboratory management to advanced procedures such as egg retrieval, ICSI, embryo biopsy, and embryo transfer.

Following six years of invaluable experience, Lizeth joined Hanabusa IVF in San Diego,California, where she excelled as the Laboratory Supervisor and Cryobiologist for Asian Egg Bank. Here, she implemented stringent protocols, ensuring exceptional results, and gained expertise in egg vitrification and quality control within an egg bank setting.

Her expertise continued at Oma Fertility, where Lizeth implemented an innovative project utilizing artificial intelligence for sperm selection. This pioneering approach underscored her dedication to cutting-edge technologies, raising the bar for patient care in the field of assisted reproductive technology.

Certified as a Technical Supervisor by the American Association of Bioanalysis, Lizeth has actively contributed to the industry by sharing her knowledge through lectures, round tables, and webinars. In her current role as the Associate Lab Director at Empower Fertility, Lizeth remains committed to enhancing patient experiences and care, demonstrating an unyielding dedication to helping families achieve the cherished dream of parenthood.

Associate Lab Director